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“Look deep into the Nature and then you will understand everything better”
- Albert Einstein

For those who take time to observe and contemplate mother nature, it would be one of the most valuable treasure trove of ideas where inspirations could be drawn. Nature comes with amazing solutions for things which humans take granted as we have seen it for so long.

Be it the shape of a king fisher who sweeps through the air, a massive whale which swims through the deep blue ocean, a bird which glides in the high sky effortlessly have their own characteristics which makes…

Data Driven Approach Using Survey Data — Stackoverflow

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“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Many of you may have come across this famous singer Marc Anthony’s comment. I’m also one of those people who believes that you should do what makes you happy. The world, however, is big, and there are many different types of people working in various sectors, cultures, and job streams. There are some people who are fortunate enough to be content with what they do on a daily basis, and others who are not so fortunate.

Let’s take a look at what the data indicates using…

Decision making under uncertainty

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Have you ever faced uncertainty in your life? How did you make a decision at those times? I am sure it should be either with experience, gut feeling or based on some data.

Today’s world has stepped into data-driven decision making more than ever before. When there is all the necessary data available to make a decision, it is easier to slice and dice the data and analyze them to derive information. However, in most cases there is only partial data available. For example, in this pandemic era, with the coronavirus spreading rapidly around us, let us say we want…

If you are working with clients and have worked with many , there is a high chance that at least once you have met a client who is interested in how you are providing him the solution, what’s the concept behind it and struggles to believe through and through in any unexplainable models even though there is a high chance of obtaining higher accuracy. This is the nature of humans and would be sometimes understandable if they are not willing to accept an unexplainable solution to be implemented in their own business.

Let’s consider the below 2 scenarios where a…

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This is the part 5 of the article series Nature Inspired Algorithms. Introductory article could be found at

In 2010 Xin- She Yang has proposed Bat Algorithm based on the echolocation behaviour of bats. After the initial publication, several variations of the algorithm has been proposed by various scientists and currently used to solve both constrained and unconstrained optimization problems in the real world. It is applied to a wide variety of areas in engineering, wireless networks , classification problems like face recognition systems etc.

Natural behaviour

Bats are nocturnal flying mammals. While the birds glide, the bats are capable of…

This is the part 4of the article series Nature Inspired Algorithms. Introductory article could be found at

Genetic Algorithm is an evaluation based algorithm which follows the abstract process of Charles Darwins Evaluation theory and natural selection In biological systems.It has come into light that most of the companies at present use these as a back support system for the combinatorial optimization problems in their routine optimization problems like scheduling, planning and in many more scenarios.

Natural behaviour

Darwins theory starts from an existing population. Individuals in the population become parents and produce off springs and through heredity, characteristics of parents…

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This is the part 3 of the article series Nature Inspired Algorithms. Introductory article could be found at

Honey bees are a fascinating production of mother nature. Their well organised and coordinated living system is worth the study as a separate field of science. Karl Von Frisch, a German ethologist has spent 50 years of studying on bees and has won the Nobel prize for his work in 1973.

Their complicated foraging, mating and breeding patterns have been the foundation of many algorithms such as Marriage in Honey Bees Optimization, fast Marriage Honey Bees Optimization, Bee Colony optimization, Bees…

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This is the part 2 of the article series Nature Inspired Algorithms. Introductory article could be found at

In 1992, ant colony optimization was initially introduced by Marco Diago and today with many variations, applied in diverse applications such as,

  • production planning
  • vehicle routing systems
  • traffic control systems
  • structural optimization
  • scheduling in manufacturing systems
  • sequential ordering problems
  • genomics
  • facility location problems (optimal placement of facilities to minimize the transportation costs)
  • portfolio optimization etc.

Even after this many years, it is considered as one of the most successful paradigm to design effective combinatorial optimization solutions.

Natural Behaviour of Ants

Being social creatures, ants live…

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